The Long Sword (Chivalry Book 2) (English Edition)

The Long Sword (Chivalry Book 2) (English Edition) por Christian Cameron

Titulo del libro : The Long Sword (Chivalry Book 2) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 20, 2014
Autor : Christian Cameron
Número de páginas : 443
Editor : Orion

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Christian Cameron con The Long Sword (Chivalry Book 2) (English Edition)

'One of the finest historical fiction writers in the world' Ben Kane

Pisa, May 1364.

Sir William Gold is looking forward to a lucrative career as a hired sword in the endless warring between Italy's city states. But when a message comes from the Grand Master of the Hospitaliers, William is forced to leave his dreams of fame and fortune behind him.

The Hospitaliers are gathering men for a crusade, and Sir William must join them. Yet before they set out for the holy land, the knights face deadly adversaries much closer to home . . .

In the twisting politics of Italy, no one can be trusted. And there are those who would be pleased to see the crusade fail . . .

Can Sir William and his knights survive this impossible mission into the heart of the enemy?