If God Invented Baseball (English Edition)

If God Invented Baseball (English Edition) por E. Ethelbert Miller

Titulo del libro : If God Invented Baseball (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : February 13, 2018
Autor : E. Ethelbert Miller
Número de páginas : 74
Editor : City Point Press

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E. Ethelbert Miller con If God Invented Baseball (English Edition)

Here are poems that celebrate and interpret the game by one of America's finest poets. They are for everyone who has experienced the magic released when three holy things come together: bat, ball and glove.

"Ethelbert Miller is one of the most significant and influential poets of our time."
--Gwendolyn Brooks

If God Invented Baseball is a complete game of baseball poems, a full nine innings pitched by a master twirler, whose complete arsenal includes fastballs, curves and change-ups, and the occasional knuckler, to keep readers swinging for the fences, his full artistry on display.

Ethelbert Miller's work captures the enjoyment of the game from childhood to old age. Baseball fans will place this book next to their scorecards, peanuts and beer. Poetry readers will equally be delighted.

If God Invented Baseball is a book for the ballpark and the home.

Ethelbert's replay of baseball joys and sorrows is a must read. He brings us THE GAME with skill and grace. It is an inside the park home run
--  Clifford Alexander