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Run, Omega, Run por Pamela R. D'addato

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“You're my mate. No matter how big of a package your life is, I'm willing to stay with you through anything.”A childhood marred by violence, Celia, the young Omega, is a victim of a horrifying experiment and has suffered more than anyone in her pack. After being accused of something she did or thought she did, she runs away.While on the run, Celia finds herself in another territory. Wounded, left for dead, and mistaken as a rogue, she is taken back to the pack house to await her punishment for her intrusion into the Ice Moon’s territory, a rival pack.When Cooper sees Celia, something dawns on him. The young woman is no rogue, she is an omega, and more notably, she is his mate.With a chance at a new life, Celia tries to bury her past life, but after a series of unfortunate events start haunting her, she begins to reveal the parts of her violently tragic life that she’s tried to forget.As the Alpha of the pack, protecting it and preserving peace are Cooper’s priorities, and finding a mate with an inextricably complicated past is the last thing he needs, but letting Celia go isn’t an option for him either. But the Alpha from Celia’s old pack has a claim on her, and he isn’t done with her yet. Once Cooper decides to keep Celia, betrayal, tragedy, loss, and war become inevitable. Confined in her own pool of dark and painful secrets, will Celia be able to completely trust her mate and free herself from the torturous past that she is very much convinced of her own making? Find out and grab a copy now.
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Autor (s): Pamela R. D'addato
Título: Run, Omega, Run
Nombre del archivo : run_omega_run.pdf | run_omega_run.epub
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub / PDF

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