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Chant Of Death por Diane Marquart Moore

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In Chant of Death, the ‘seven deadlies,’ the Seven Deadly Sins, are fleshed out in a complex, unfolding narrative of suspense, darkness, and deceit…Straight from the headlines, and drawing from centuries of Christian monastic practice, Chant of Death is a mystery set in a fictional Abbey in southern Louisiana… where Spanish moss veils the landscape, and a murderous soul has found a cloistered refuge.Everyone acknowledges that Fr. Paul, the handsome and disciplined ascetic choirmaster at St. Andrew’s Abbey, is the genius behind the meteoric success of the monks’ first commercial album of chant recordings, Godspeak. Not only has this enchanting music satisfied deep longings for spiritual communion with God—it has leaped to the top of the popular music charts, going Gold, and bringing the Abbey staggering, unprecedented wealth, far beyond their traditional bread-breaking enterprise.But perhaps Fr. Paul has gone too far in his modern innovations, flouting the traditional simplicity of plainchant’s seven-note purity, honed through centuries of sincere devotion and prayer? Are the menacing acts of sacrilege plaguing the Abbey a sign they’ve lost God’s favor and proceed toward destruction—as the possibly mad, enigmatic monk Eli-Jah claims? Or is it all part of a network of evil bred in dark corners and darker hearts, spreading to include even murder within the hallowed sanctuary?Fr. Malachi, the community’s Abbot and a former psychiatrist before taking orders after his wife’s untimely suicide, is clear-headed and idealistic. He has seen the accumulation of sordid, destructive acts poisoning the atmosphere of his beloved Abbey, and is determined to root out the murderer among them before the devil can get his due.Set in Louisiana Cajun country, where pious faith and superstition often mingle seamlessly, Chant of Death challenges minds and hearts nearly to the breaking point—until the tangled understory powering these malicious acts is revealed.
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Autor (s): Diane Marquart Moore
Título: Chant Of Death
Langue: Español
Formato: Epub / PDF

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